Terp Blender XL Quartz Banger
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Terp Blender XL

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  • The Terp Blender XL is a larger version of the Terp Blender Quartz Banger, a dab nail used for vaporizing concentrates
  • It is designed to hold more concentrates at once and provide a longer, smoother vaporization experience
  • The banger is made of durable quartz and has a unique "terp blender" design that helps evenly distribute heat and vaporize concentrates
  • It has a flat base that sits securely in the dab rig and a handle for easy handling
  • The banger is heated with a torch or electric heating element and the concentrates are placed in the banger using a dab tool
  • The Terp Blender XL provides a smooth, flavourful vaporization experience for concentrates

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